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Zlatník Ondřej Kotyza Zlatník Ondřej Kotyza

Please go to my new website https://www.okoshop.cz. These old pages will be taken down in the near future. Thank you.

Welcome to my website!

Since 1995 I´ve been artistically working with a broad range of metals- from steel to gold.

Usually I create unique pieces, or short series of jewelry, using plenty of goldsmiths´ techniques, e.g. "lost wax" casting, Mokume Gane forging, metal chasing etc.

Mokume Gane


is an old Japan metal working technique of folding various (precious) metals together. The words "mokume gane" translated to “wood eye metal” accurately describe the topographical patterns that appear when metals are twisted and forged using this process. Every Mokume ring is one-of-a-kind, and all of my Mokume Gane rings are completely unique and made to order.

Damascus steel


The term Damascus steel refers to the combination of two different kinds of steels that are welded or/and forged into a bar or rod with a multitude of layers. After patterning techniques are applied, the Damascus is etched to reveal the distinctive pattern of those layers.

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