Zlatník Ondřej Kotyza Zlatník Ondřej Kotyza

Workshop: sady Petatricatniku 18, Plzen

Czech Republic

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General Damascus steel rings pricing guide:

Prices of other damascus steel rings with gold and silver accesories depend on several factors including ring size, overall ring width, as well as the inclusion of optional ring elements such as liners, edges etc. (price strongly depends on the weight of the precious metal used).

General Mokume Gane ring pricing guide:

My Mokume rings are priced individually, depending on their weights.

Generally, the price of a MG ring in combination Au585Pd/ Ag 925 is €150 per a gram.

The weight of a pair of wedding rings is usually somewhere between 8- 14 gram; that means the price range is about €1200- €2100

Combination Au585/Au750 is priced at €220 per a gram; the price of a pair of rings usually is somewhere between €1800- €3300